About us

We are a manufacturing company with an environmental and social dimension. We produce original leather and textile products for personal use or for companies. All product designs were developed at WAKIVAKY and passed multiple tests.

Our products:
  • They are original
  • We make them mainly from upcycled materials
  • They contribute to reducing emissions
  • They respect the principle of ZERO WASTE
  • They are also made by workers from disadvantaged groups

In our company, we care that our activities make sense and bring benefit. By popularizing topics about upcycling and recycling, we want to point out the positive effects and synergies that arise in society.


Most of the material used to make our products comes from upcycled materials.


We adjust the residual and waste material from our production into recyclate and move it to further recycling.

Less Emissions

Our products directly contribute to reducing the volume of greenhouse emissions.


We work with people from disadvantaged groups.