The drawdown of the grant from Norway was successfully completed on 30 November 2023.

This project was co-financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

In 2021, we received support from the program "Development of trade, innovation and SMEs" co-financed from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2020 and the budget of the Slovak Republic.

  • Project number: BIN SGS01_2020_012
  • Project name: SELITEX - Second Life For Textile
  • Project goal: To reduce the negative impact of the textile industry on the environment
  • The amount of the granted grant: EUR 194,787
  • Total eligible expenses: EUR 216,430
  • Name and address of the recipient: Wakivaky j.s.a., Kataríny Franklovaj 5791/10, 90201 Pezinok
  • Place of project implementation: Pezinok
  • Planned project completion date: 28.2.2024

„Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe“.

THANKS for the support

SELITEX received a grant from Norway in the amount of €194,787. The project was co-financed in the amount of €21,643 from our own funds. The goal of the project is to reduce the negative impact of the textile industry on the environment.

Information about Norwegian grants

Norwegian grants represent Norway's contribution to a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

Through Norwegian grants, Norway contributes to the reduction of economic and social differences and to the strengthening of mutual relations with recipient states in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics.

Norway cooperates closely with the EU through the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA). Together with other donors, Norway gradually provided 3.3 billion euros between 1994 and 2014 through grant schemes.

Norwegian grants are financed exclusively by Norway and are available in countries that joined the EU after 2003. For the period 2014-2021, Norwegian grants amount to 1.25 billion euros. The priorities of this period are:

#1 Innovation, research, education and competitiveness

#2 Social inclusion, youth employment and poverty eradication

#3 Environment, energy, climate change and low carbon economy

#4 Culture, civil society, good governance and fundamental rights

#5 Justice and internal affairs

All projects are co-financed in the amount of 15% from the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

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Financial support is divided into 2 parts = purchase of property and subsidy for labor costs for the implementation team. We plan to expand the technical equipment for our development and production. We will use the wage subsidy mainly for the acceleration of the development of the selected 3 products, the transformation of internal production and business processes, the registration of intangible assets and for supporting business and marketing activities.

As part of the project, we have committed to create 12 part-time jobs. During the implementation of the project, we will cumulatively process approx. 15 tons of discarded textile material (upcycling). We will convert the majority of this material into products for further use (see our e-shop). We adjust and compact the residual material from production. As part of the circular economy, we will then forward the material modified in this way to our partners for further processing (recycling).

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Implementation of the project - ongoing schedule

Outputs and information from project implementation

  • December 2021

    Preparation of internal implementation plan. Supplementing the project with additional personnel capacities. Activation of partners and supporters of WAKIVAKY in order to present the project and obtain financial support.

  • January 2022

    Internal team training. Preparation of a financial plan. Market research for the purchase of production equipment and the availability of suitable premises for the final production concept.

  • February 2022

    Gradual processing of documents for technical documentation for selected products. Design and setting of the production process. Media plan update. Validation and refinement of project outputs. Changes in the process of procurement of equipment and material.

  • March 2022

    Opening conference for the project. The development of the HACHAI product and packaging for the office has entered the TRL 3 phase (proof of concept), analysis of the pricing policy and optimization of the business model. Registration for the allocation of EAN codes.

  • April 2022

    Preparation for the registration of the Logo, the brand and research of registration for the design. Changes in the project reporting and accounting process. Target concept design for the manufacturing process. Audit of the upcycled material processing process with corrections for the calculation of the volume of upcycling and recycling.

  • May 2022

    Processing of suggestions and internal discussion in order to implement the selection of the 3rd product for development. Validation and changes to the process of preparation and implementation of supporting activities (external events for collecting customer feedback and reactions to presented product prototypes). Changes in the process of reporting and communication with VA. Starting the preparation of a new website and other supporting communication tools and materials. Changes in the implementation team

  • June 2022

    Presentation of prototypes at events Dobrý trh and Sasha in the market place. Purchase of small assets for production and project management. Registration of the brand WAKIVAKY and brand HACHAI. Changes in the process of procurement of equipment for development and production. Audit of the process of preparation of cuts and purchase of small material for tailors. Establishing the methodology for accounting for project costs and own subsidies for the project.

  • July 2022

    Presentation of prototypes at the POHODA event. Analysis of suitable events for project and product promotion. Preparation for the opening of B2B cooperation and clarification of communication and offers for B2E. Design for packaging and additional documentation, symbols and signs for the final product.

  • August 2022

    Filling a key position responsible for production, warehouse and logistics. Update of production plan for autumn/winter 2022. Addition of tailors for development and increase of production capacity. Production cost audit and pricing policy update. Gradual selection, testing and purchase of sewing machines. Audit of the availability of textile material in the automotive sector and in related industries. Office products are classified under the new FAINCASE brand, FAINCASE and HACHAI product development has entered the TRL 4 phase (validated in lab).

  • September 2022

    Presentation of the new website on the new domain Stabilization of the implementation team, preparation and testing of small series production, opening of the B2B channel and finalization of supporting business documentation. Presentation of prototypes at Dobrý Trh event.

  • October 2022

    Finalization of project documentation. Series production of FAINBAG Jaguar M bag and FAINCASE notebook cover S, M and L. Testing and editing of the new website.

  • November 2022

    Creating a database of business partners, launching B2B sales. Launch of FAINBAG and FAINCASE products on the market. Implementation of press releases and newsletters on the web. Completing the design and printing of marketing materials - flyer, voucher, packaging label.

  • December 2022

    Presentation of products at Dyzajn Market events in Prague and Salónka in Bratislava. Collection of feedback on new products from B2C customers. Purchase of a new sewing machine. 2022 inventory, analytics and closure.

  • January 2023

    Evaluation of the competition for photographers - selection of a photographer for future cooperation. A new compensation system for workers in production. Launch of the English version of the website. 2022 evaluation and 2023 plan.

  • February 2023

    Publication of a PR article about the project in Pure Nuts magazine - printed form. Presentation of the project to the Faculty of Management in Bratislava. Opening new business cases. Optimization and stabilization of serial production. Finalization of project documentation for HACHAI.

  • March 2023

    General meeting - change of articles of association. Changes in the implementation team. Completion of public procurement and purchase of a car. Presentations for potential investors. Financial statements for 2022. Lease of a larger production hall in Komárno.

  • April 2023

    Preparation of prototypes and production testing in the new facility. Preparation of the ongoing conference of the project. Changes and validation in the trading process.

  • May 2023

    Interim Conference for the SELITEX project.

  • June 2023 

    Collaboration with the town of Dubnica nad Váhom. Production of upcycled HACHAI seating bags from advertising banners. Coverage of the collaboration on TA3 television. Registration of three designs for products: “HACHAI_Sitting_Bag,”
    “FAINBAG_TOTE_bag_Jaguar,” and “FAINCASE_Laptop_Case” under the EUIPO. Conclusion of a public procurement process for the JACK 798TDI overlock
    sewing machine.

  • July 2023

    Presentation of the project at the Pohoda festival. Manufacture of upcycled merchandise for the festival. Total upcycled material: 2,854 tons (including banners, insulation foam, and eco-leather). Total recycled material: 1.57 tons.

  • August 2023

    Attainment of ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management System. Registration of three new designs for products: “FAINBAG, Backpack Mini,”
    “FAINBAG, Backpack Cross,” and “FAINBAG, Backpack Roll.” Collaboration with the Uprising festival for upcycled merchandise.

  • September 2023

    Presentation of the project at the Dobrý Trh event in Bratislava, including
    feedback collection on newly introduced products.

  • October 2023

    Collaboration with OLO a. s. for upcycling waste material into HACHAI products. Preparation for the final conference and successful conclusion of the SELITEX
    project. Total upcycled material: 7,372 tons. Total recycled material: 3.32 tons.

  • November 2023

    Participation in the television show “Jama Levova” on Markíza. Conclusion of a public procurement process for the purchase of an oscillating
    knife cutting device. Final conference and successful completion of the SELITEX project.