Dominika Bukatovičová Founder, Marketing and Sale

Dominika is the founder of the WAKIVAKY project. During her studies at university, in 2014, she decided to turn the original idea of ​​the school project into a real business. In 2019, the project was transformed into a simple joint-stock company, and got the first sponsor. She is an energetic girl who can't stand to sit idly by, which is why she is currently working on marketing and PR in addition to her parental leave. Dominika is a creative soul who likes nature, adrenaline, travel and fun.

Radovan Lucina CEO

Rado is a person who tries to move things forward. He is a visionaire with strong analytical thinking that really helps during disrupted times. In WAKIVAKY, he manages the project strategy, controls financial processes and helps to approach investors. Rado is known for keeping calm, which is his secret ingredient in solving problems. He likes travelling and learning new things, but he also enjoys sitting and barbecuing with friends and family.

Adela Lániková Finance and Accounting

Adela is an accounting student at the University of Economics. She is very enthusiastic about what she studies and, in addition she gains a working skills that she transform into a WAKIVAKY. Adela is caught between work and family, when she steals a moment, she likes walking-in nature, baking, or taking care of flowers. She has earned respect by being responsible, reliable, independent and by her willingness to help.

Marcela Ďuricová Production and Logistics

Marcela is the real hard worker who manages production, warehouse and logistics in WAKIVAKY. In her free time, she is interested in exploring the universe, or wandering around technical museums and sightseeing vacations. Hiking, reading and music makes her happy as well as culture like alternative scenes, but even metal can't get her out of balance.

Jozef Blaho Product Development and R&D

Mr. Jozef has an eye for every detail. His attitude is pretty much about „everything is possible" in his repertoire. Jozef always focuses on how to find the best solution until he achieves an excellent result. Mastering and home repairs are the areas in which he feels pretty comfortable. In his time off, he likes to spend time with his family or watch documentaries.

Kristína Fabiankovičová Project Manager

Kika loves people and working within the team. She is target oriented, prudent, punctual and systematic. Those are reasons why the position of Project Manager suited her. Kika is the member of the team that everybody loves to work with as she always smiles and shares good moods around her.

Kristína Fabiankovičová

Other team members are mainly tailors, external part-timers, hostesses, small supporters and small investors who help us with business, production, product testing and also with the presentation of the project to potential investors.