Be ready for legislative change.

We have an ecological solution for you instead of microtene bags. Textile bags with a lower carbon footprint.

Microtene bags for fruit, vegetables or baked goods, which are available for free in food chains, will probably ring a bell soon. The Ministry is preparing an amendment to the legislation that will ban the sale of microtene bags. Can you imagine normal shopping without these "helpers"?

We have an ecological solution for you!

Mesh textile bags with low weight, made of hygienically safe material, have several advantages over plastic or paper bags:
● they can be used repeatedly, even for several years,
● they can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer,
● they are made of cotton fabric with a low grammage, which is hygienically safe,
● they are stitched with titanium threads, which ensures their strength and durability,
● are available in three sizes - suitable for fruit, vegetables and pastries,
● compared to plastic or paper bags, they have a lower carbon footprint, are more ecological and at the same time of higher quality.

Be ready for change and shop without creating unnecessary waste. You can find mesh bags in our e-shop. We have prepared a wholesale price list with extra benefits for retail traders.
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