Become our investor.

The WAKIVAKY company is in a period of expansion. The plans are big.

Big things are happening at our company right now. After the support of the Norwegian grant, which we received in September 2021, we started the implementation of the SELITEX project. We are expanding production capacity, hiring new workers and expanding the team, developing and registering new product designs, preparing for expansion into foreign markets and much more. The plans are big and several strategic decisions are being made in the background of the company. One of them is the entry of another investor.

For the rest of the time, we have been working on fine-tuning processes, planning milestones, considering risks and setting up an optimal business model that will also be interesting for investors. Representatives of our company present this business model to a potential audience, as was the case, for example, at the event Catching the Investor vol. 2, which was organized by the SLOVCA association. Negotiations are ongoing with individuals who are interested in our vision. When an investor enters the company, in addition to capital for expansion, the added value for us is also the synergy that cooperation can bring us.

If you like our story, don't hesitate to contact us and get involved in our future plans. The fact that our intention makes sense is also evidenced by the support of several entities, from 2018 until today:

2018 to 2022 - 2x Angel investor
2019 Crowdfunding Startlab
2021 to 2024 - Norwegian funds
2021 SBA - Short-term and long-term counseling
2022 Brussels - EUIPO

Do not hesitate and become a part of WAKIVAKY. Now is the best time!