WAKIVAKY at Markíza, show Jama Levova

How did we manage to do in the uncompromising TV show Jama Levova? Did we get an investment?

Jama Levova is a TV show currently airing, in which uncompromising investors assess the business plans of the performers, advise them, and in the best case scenario invest in their businesses.

When producers approached us with an offer to appear in Jama Levov's reality show, we thought it was a good opportunity to get the concept of upcycling to the general public and at the same time an opportunity to get investment for our further activities.
Unfortunately, we did not succeed in partnering up with a potential investor. But it didn't deter us. We know that our business model is difficult, but if it were easy, everyone would do it. Textile upcycling is still an unknown term for many, while others do not see it as a business.

However, we especially see a need to combat a world of waste, overproduction, or emissions, that has been prominent especially in the last couple of decade. We know it can be done, which is why we believe in ourselves and see the potential (including the business potential) in what we do.

We thank all investors for their feedback, observations and suggestions for improvement. Getting a chance to appear in Jama Levova was especially a good experience for us, but also an opportunity to inform the audience about the problem with waste and the possibilities of how to solve this problem effectively.

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