WAKIVAKY on Pohoda Festival

The fact that you can visit the WAKIVAKY stand at the Pohoda festival is already a tradition. This year, however, festival visitors will also be able to buy upcycled Pohoda merch from our workshop.

The Pohoda Festival is the most visited multi-genre event in Slovakia. In addition to music, literature, theater and visual arts, ecology also found its place at this festival.

"We like the place where Pohoda is. Therefore, it is natural for us to approach him with consideration and respect. It's the same with the community of people who meet at the festival, it's the same outside the festival, that's why green solutions are a long-term natural part of Pohoda." - Michal Kaščák, CEO Pohoda Festival.

Thanks to this approach, our cooperation this year was created. At WAKIVAKY, we made upcycled merch from last year's advertising banners of the festival, which would probably no longer be used, mainly because of their outdated content. For production, we used more than 70 kg of banners, which otherwise would probably have ended up as waste. We breathed new life into the banners and, in cooperation with Alexandra Opoldusová, we designed several practical products from them. You can look forward to, for example, wallets, bags, wallets or neck pockets. The design of these products was also completed by surplus wristbands from previous years, which serve to identify visitors. Every single piece of this merch is original and you won't find two identical pieces. But be careful, the number of products is limited! You will be able to buy them in the Pohoda shop directly at the festival.