Year - end survey between Slovaks and Czechs

What should an ideal notebook cover look like according to Slovak and Czech consumers?

At WAKIVAKY, we conducted a survey among Slovak and Czech consumers. Traditionally, with the WAKIVAKY brand, we participate in sales markets with themes focused on design and local creation. This year, in the run-up to Christmas, in addition to Bratislava's Urban Market, we also visited Prague's Dyzajn Market. Visitors could choose from a wide range of our upcycled products - rucksacks, bags, backpacks and covers for laptops and tablets. However, we did not stop at the sale and presentation of the SELITEX project. At the same time, our main intention was to obtain user preferences for our products. We specially focused on a new product in our assortment - the FAINCASE notebook case. The result of the investigation is the come up with proposals to improve our product development and production.

What should an ideal notebook cover look like according to Slovak and Czech consumers?

Notebook covers are used by 2/3 of the respondents in both countries. However, the difference is in the way it is used. While the Czech consumer usually puts his laptop together with the packaging in a backpack or other bag, the Slovak consumer simply carries it in his hand. Preferences for the appearance and functionality of the packaging also partly depends. According to the Slovaks, it is important that the package does not have a handle or a loop for the hand. Only then are they interested in whether it also contains pockets or other accessories and functionalities. On the contrary, up to 74% of Czechs interviewed are primarily looking for a package that also has a pocket for a charger, or a pocket for a notebook, pad, pen, or mobile phone. Only less than 10% would also appreciate a strap to hold the package in their hand.

However, what both states agreed on is the color of this accessory. Most of those interviewed prefer black or earthy colors. Well, what about the zipper? "Have you ever thought about which way you open the zipper on the laptop case?" The result may surprise you, but almost 100% of all respondents answered after a short thought that they open the zipper from right to left.

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