Green project for municipalities

We help cities and municipalities meet their sustainable goals. Green solutions in our design serve the citizens and also fulfill a practical and aesthetic aspect.

Municipalities are currently facing a European challenge called the Green Deal, which is a response to the ubiquitous ecological crisis. There are different ways to achieve sustainability and climate neutrality. Our domain is the circulation of materials - recycling and upcycling.

The cities of Považská Bystrica and Dubnica nad Váhom are one step closer to green self-government, also thanks to the cooperation with the WAKIVAKY company, which resulted in upcycled HACHAI beanbags. Thanks to this cooperation, we used waste materials - 53 kg of advertising banners and 20 kg of eco leather - we reduced emissions and created products that will serve the citizens of cities for many years to come. Seat bags can be used during all city events, indoors and outdoors. At the end of their life cycle, we can recycle them again and turn them into a new product. We can also apply this green project in your city. Contact us!